Thursday, April 20, 2006

Solomon Undhof Hochterrassen 2004 Gruner Veltliner wine review by (PB)

This nearly clear wine was served to me blind by (NW) as we blew into town on a quick trip for a Monday Patriot’s Day. (This is a holiday observed only by Maine and Masaachusetts)

It has a fresh bouquet of citrus, and slight peach with white pepper on the palate that is pronounced. Finish is short and pleasant enough but the wine is straight forward and lacking pizzazz. I guessed it to be “a cheap Chenin Blanc or a cheap Chardonnay.”

(NW) and his wife seemed a bit crestfallen with my guess. (I was worried that I may had just dissed some expensive Burgundy but it was this $12 Austrian wine made from the Gruner Veltliner grape. My daughter said she thought it was my favorite—she was confused thinking of Gewurtztraminer.

This grape is the key grape of Austrian wine and I myself have had only 3 or 4 wines in 30 years of this type. All in all, I thought my guess was pretty good.

If unique is what you seek, this wine is okay but that’s up to you! It was fun raising an unknown glass!

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