Saturday, April 01, 2006

Renee Barbier Catalunya wine review by (PB)

Sometimes buying a really cheap wine will surprise you...not this time though.

My wife bought this $5 and some change wine to use in a seafood soup recipe. I thought for kicks I would review it. It actually has a pretty nice and very strong nose of tropical fruit. It would be better used as perfume though than to drink.
In the mouth this pale straw Spanish white is dull, flat, lifeless, a little bitter and puckery and just blah all the way around. Finish is yucky–that’s a technical wine term for, uh, “yucky.”

The worst part about this wine is that some people will buy it because it is cheap and will think this is what white wine tastes like. No! Don’t do it! This will be okay to cook with but even there you need to be careful; never use wine you have had stored for weeks even to cook with. Rule of thumb is, "If you wouldn't drink it, don't cook with it!"

Buy a bottle of real wine to drink and you don’t have to spend much more than what this one cost; you just need to know what you are buying; which is why you have us! :)

Raise a glass--of something nice like a Gewurztraminer from Fetzer!


Anonymous said...

I think you're off base on this wine. It is a simple, straightforward white wine, with no great virtues (except $3.50 per bottle), but none of the vices you attribute to it. A nice little summer wine.
Jim Cox

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the poster, I really like this wine. Not it is not a fancy wine or even a “great” wine but on a summer day it’s perfect to sip to kick back and relax with it. It’s a simple wine, sweet and enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Fetzer sucks...this wine is a great value...and screams to be served cold on a hot summer day...i've used to pair with sweet and spicey stir fries and loved it...can't beat what you are getting for the price...its no nonsence goodness...

Anonymous said...

I wholly agree with the majority here,for both the red and the white. I've had much less enjoyable wine for $50/bottle. I think it is a fantastic value, and all my wine friends are big fans now too from my introduction. Please don't post when you have no reasonable ability to taste.

Anonymous said...

A bit of complexity: opens sweet and fruity but finishes kinda dry with a faint saltiness. I like to pair it with shellfish.