Thursday, April 06, 2006

Geyser Peak Cabernet Sauvignon 2002 Napa Valley review by (billy)

Well it is hard to review a wine when you buy it buy the glass. But I could not down an entire bottle whilst alone on a business trip. So here we go.

I paid $7.25 for this glass of wine in a restaurant in Alaska. I have to say, it was served a bit warm and in a terrible glass - a shallow bowl with "pretty" ridges all around. Blech.

Nose: minerals, black pepper, dark berries. Less big fruit than I would have expected. Nice and more sophisticated nose than I would have expected for the price.

Palate: thick and dry with black pepper and plumb hints. Not badly balanced. Not expertly balanced.

Nose: pulpy dark fruit: plumb, pluot, black and red raspberry make the biggest fruit appearance. Longish finish without turning vegetal.

Overall this is a fine "by the glass" cab. It is a touch more sophisticated than the price point may suggest making it a decent value wine. While the mouth feel is just a passage between a nice nose and nicer finish, the wine overall rates in the "don't shy away from it but don't kill yourself looking for it" area.

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Anonymous said...

A pluot?????

Billy said...

A Pluot