Friday, April 21, 2006

Paolo Scavino Barolo 2001 Wine Review (NW)

Beautiful earthy red color
Massive nose exploding out of the glass, with cherries, spices, vanilla cream, floral notes, and earth
Smooth velvet core
Endless finish, with lots of layers and a meaty quality

Our good friends treated my wife and I to a bottle of this wine. It is awesome! Scavino is one of the masters of Barolo, which is one of the world's great wines. Made from the Nebbiolo grape, Barolo can age gracefully with a long, smooth finish like liquid velvet. The great Barolo masters rank among the world's best artisanal winemakers, and command release prices from $40 to $400 per bottle.

On the price spectrum, this particular wine is a bargain. For $50, you can get a Barolo experience comparable to the most elite wines that go for hundreds. This isn't the case every year, but Scavino pulled it off in 2001. Most other wines from this winery go for $100-225.

For a special occasion, this wine will deliver the goods. If you serve it with meat dishes, rich sauces, or very fragrant food, you just might fall in love. With a little extra spending money, buy two bottles and cellar the other for as long as you want. Just don't miss the opportunity to taste a wine like this now, while it's readily available around the world and capable of being enjoyed in its youth. Raise a glass!

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