Sunday, April 23, 2006

Piper-Heidsieck NV Brut Champagne and Babies wine review by (PB)

So last night we’re waiting around on pins and needles for our last born daughter to give us the eagerly awaited call. It started Saturday morning about 8:00 a.m. Pacific coast time where she lives with our grandson and her husband. She was due May 5th but sure enough she was in labor.

So we waited but not without purpose. I went to the driving range to work out a nasty pull hook that mysteriously appeared with my driver on a recent round of golf.

WARNING–LONG AND BORING DIGRESSION HERE ABOUT MY GOLF GAME. SKIP BRACKETED TEXT IF YOU HATE GOLF. [My game is strange; I have been playing for 13 years now and nothing about my game has ever been normal. From my first day on a course, my driver–typically the most difficult club to hit–was my go-to club; and I was hitting a natural draw–the envy of good golfers everywhere. Then it left instantaneously one day and I was hitting my driver in the fairway about 70% of the time but I was still an above 100 golfer! Finally bringing my round to under 100 and working to an 18 handicap, one day, instantaneously, I couldn’t hit my driver no matter what. And just as mysteriously, it came back only this time with a beautiful and workable fade which I have been diligently working to abolish because I want a straight ball! But last week after my first five rounds of the season hitting driver the best I have ever hit it, mysteriously a pull hook shows up and I have been trying to corr4ct it now for two weeks. (I think I have figured it out...)]

So after the range I dropped in to a local wine store to buy a decent Champagne to celebrate our new grandchild whenever he or she arrived! I grabbed this bottle of Piper-Heidseick because of the reliability of the name. I paid $40 for it which I have to say is the most I have ever spent on a champagne. For some reason, Champagne and other quality sparkling wines just don’t do it for it me. But this was a special occasion.

Finally, close to 10:00p.m. Eastern Daylight Time our new grandson (our 6th grandchild) was born.
The cork was popped and here is the review:

It has a unique bouquet of fruit I can’t identify and a nose full of almonds; really quite nutty!

In the mouth this is dry with solid flavors–one of the most flavorful sparklers I have had--as most seem to taste grapey; not in a good way but in a cheap, sickening way. This was fresh, bright, and formidable with a tartness and good structure that paired well with blue cheese!

The finish of this wine was gentle, nice texture and kept going. Later a creamy sort of aroma emerged in the bouquet with white pepper on the palate. All in all, my wife and I like id but most important, we toasted my new grandson’s arrival in the world. And life is good, so raise a glass!

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