Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hess Cabernet Sauvignon "Allomi" 2004 wine review by (PB)

I purchased this bottle on a trip this summer to Minneapolis. I had never seen this label and since Hess produces solid wines at all levels, I packed it and brought it home.

It has a hefty black cherry hue with rich cherry bouquet and black berry nose with a touch of gentle spice that is tantalizing.

The palate is bold with dark berry and cedar blasts with leather notes. This is a big wine out of the gate and doesn't benefit much from breathing though licorice does emerge. It is tasty and solid and finishes with a lingering berry compote. I paid $22 for it. Raise a glass.

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purpleteeth2 said...

I stummbled across your review of the "Hess Cabernet Sauvignon, Allomi" 2004, welldone!. Btw, I poured a bottle of the 2005, which was just released 03/2008. Very much like the '04'. I really enjoyed it. Seems to be some nice consistency coming from this vineyard. I would also say this wine is very food friendly as well. The spicy character of the wine was very interesting!