Friday, October 05, 2007

Ameztoi 2006 Wine Review by billy

Nose: Minerals and Steel and Citrus with under hints of an Alsace-Riesling like spice.
Palate: Dry. spritzig. While dry, not overly acidic. very even feel throughout the mouth. expertly made.
Finish: tempered. lingering minerals.

I walked into one of my home wine stores after a short business trip wanting ... something. I didn't know what. So I simply asked. (By the way, many of you email asking about how to get one wine or another - walk into a store and ask. Ask even if you don't know what you want.) The wine guy went over and suggested this wine. I have never heard of this wine nor the grape (we didn't know what grapes were in this wine before I came home and googled it.). What he did know was that they had just tasted it the day before and he enjoyed it. It was intriguing. He liked it so he suggested it. I bought it. For about $16.00.

I am glad I did. It is not a "sparkling" wine though it has more than a hint of fizz. It is not a sweet wine. It is not a tropical fruit bomb. The 2006 Ameztoi from the Getariako Txakolina region of Spain near the Atlantic is a gem of a wine that makes a fantastic before-dinner wine (as I am having it now) as well as it would go with a light, fruit and cheese based dessert.

At $16 it is fairly to well priced. I suspect that this vintage is rather good compared to earlier vintages simply given the quality and price point.

The majority of the grapes planted in the region (Basque region of Spain) are Hondarribi Zuri and Hondarribi Beltza (cite)

Overall, I would highly suggest that you get a bottle and try it. It is very drinkable and interesting enough to keep you asking for another glass.

Raise a Glass to BASQUE WINE!

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