Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cline Zinfandel 2006 wine review by (PB)

Not to be confused with the Cline Ancient Vine Zin, this is their standard production line Zin which is always a value wine. At less then $7 ( Sam's club) this wine is well made with a solid bouquet of spice and berries galore with just a hint of alcohol.

In the mouth it is full of rich, ripe plums, and big berry flavors and a slight layer of chocolate emerges with a little warm up finishing with rich blackberry notes and a touch of caraway mid palate. For this price, buy a half case and keep some on hand for the gang. Raise a glass to Cline!


At 6:23 PM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cline Zinfandel 2006 is simply undrinkable. I don't recall having had such a poor wine in the past ten years.

At 9:50 PM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The previous commenter must have gotten a bad bottle. I've enjoyed several bottles from 2006 and it stands up to any other years of their zinfandel. Saying it is "undrinkable" is ridiculous when compared to some of the other swill that is available around the same price range as this wine. For the price, you can't beat this Cline zin. This has a great nose and is very drinkable, you won't be disappointed at this price.

At 11:33 PM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This wine is absolutely NOT undrinkable. I actually consider most wines in this price range undrinkable, so the fact that I find this to be a passable table wine is pretty remarkable. Okay, it's not one of those big luscious Zins bursting with ripe jammy plums, but it definitely tastes like a California Zin. The nose is surprisingly pleasant, and promises a better wine than you actually get. While the flavors are not what you'd call complex, it's a full enough mouth of fruit, there are some nice touches of pepper, berries, and leather. Tannins are barely there, and the finish is a bit anemic, but sheesh whaddaya want for less than $10! The flavors stand up surprisingly well to food, and each sip goes down remarkably smoothly. If anything I would say this is the MOST drinkable basic table wine for under 10 bucks that I've found in ten years!

At 2:04 PM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought this wine was extremely smooth and luscious. The flavors were perfectly blended and each sip went down just as good as the last one. I was very happy to have such a great bottle of wine! I am going to buy more! I do think the anonymous guy got a bad bottle, too. It is a lovely wine!


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