Friday, October 06, 2006

Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 wine review by (PB)

This wine is a nice garnet with a very nice bouquet of cocoa and black cherry aromas with a touch of licorice–nice! In the mouth there is a lot of toast flavor but it is quite hot, peppery–really peppery and shallow flavors. There is strong eucalyptus rear palate–a weird wine!

There are too many side flavors to this wine and it is all out of balance but there is something that is causing me to stay with it through breathing.

With air, it is still a weird wine yet it is somewhat intriguing though not typical of the varietal.

24 hours later I retasted this wine and it was vastly different. There are mild green pepper aromas with chocolate and a sweet fruit fragrance filling the air. In the mouth this wine much different; more balanced tough lacking grace and is a bit thin. The finish is weak and yet, this wine still intrigues me as it is unique and much better than it was even after a couple hours after opening.

Which makes you wonder what of all the wines that are reviewed annually by so many only minutes after opening? How many wines are being panned when they just need more time to come alive after opening? This wine was $8 on sale and is a mixed bag. I found it interesting.

Which stresses why it is important to learn about vintners, grape types, regions etc. and buy based on your own experience preference. At the wine cask blog, we want to give you specific reviews but pay close attention to the place of origin, the vintner, etc. and seek out wines that might be similar if you can’t find the exact wine. Learn your own palate and your own preferences and make decisions accordingly and boldly experiment with new wines. It’s an adventure and a conquest and an enjoyable journey so raise a glass!

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Terry from San Diego said...

My past experience with Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cab echoes the out of balance comment. I also noted too high acidity or tartness, the effect being a lot like holding an aspirin in your mouth too long. That quality never blew off and contributed to the weak finish. Won't buy again.