Saturday, October 07, 2006

How Wine Is Made

It's that time of year. The sugar content of the grapes is reaching the correct "brix" for ideal harvest. A colleague of mine from my day job, John Omlin, has a side vineyard and wine making business in Oregon. His site, Omlin Vines and Wines has a great running blog of the week to week activities of running a vineyard. But now it's harvest time for their Pinot Gris at Hungry Hill Vineyard.

John has posted a slide show on yahoo pictures of the harvest to barrel process. It's a blast to watch how the grapes are taken from the vine to the winery to the barrel where it awaits bottling. Check it out here
Hungry Hill Harvest!

John has promised me a bottle when it is ready. You can bet we'll post a review here. Stay tuned!

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Brix Builder said...

I will also be awaiting the taste of Hungry Hills latest version by John Omlin. I will graciously swap my Cab for his Pinot.

-A Dougherty Valley Vitner