Monday, October 30, 2006

Foxhorn Merlot (non vintage) wine review by (PB)

I walked in and my wife was making a nice dinner. On the counter was a bottle of this wine which she bought for the recipe. She said, “it cost $3.99. I said, “Well, it’s review able ” So here ya go.

This wine is light red–not like any Merlot you would expect to see and it is made from excess supplies of California growers.

It has a nose with intense green pepper aromas (way out of whack) with the light berry notes that are present in short supply. The palate is awkward in numerous ways but the wine is potable. If you don’t expect Merlot, and just think–“jug wine” you would probably not be disappointed. What the heck, it’s worth the $4. Raise a glass–but make a small one... :)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Having more experience with sweet German whites from the Mosel in my youth, I cannot call myself educated on Merlots. However, though Foxhorn is by no means a "fine" merlot, it seems to be entirely suitable for your average late night gathering and quite drinkable. It strikes me as being a "man's" wine and is perfect for a simple budget wishing to offer decency.

Anonymous said...

I very much liked this wine enough to buy it again. I bought the 1.5 L bottle and let it age for 1 year and when I opened it, it was inky black and darker than fresh Almaden Cabernet box wine. Its labeled 13% alcohol and so would consider it full bodied and average to good for the money. It has a strong aroma and unlike the previous post I found this wine as very dark. I consider it a step above the box wines but not overly so since I still like a glass of box wine chianti as the usual mileau.