Thursday, October 12, 2006

Salmon Creek Chardonnay 2005 wine review by (PB)

A couple years back I bought a case of this wine (different vintage) because it was such a darn good value. It has been quite some time since I have had more and I thought it would be fun to review this wine next to a much more expensive Chardonnay.

My wife participated in this as well.

Review–This is a nice light golden hue with prominent vanilla tones in the bouquet with a tropical fruit notes. In the mouth the palate is a little mushy but only tasting it next to the Hess Chardonnay. It is not flabby (meaning lacking acid) but just not as crisp as the Hess which precedes this review.

It has a citrus backbone with vanilla and fruit flavors. I asked my wife which wine she would prefer. She liked this wine but preferred the Hess due to its crisp (acid) structure but noted that this was a decent wine.

Then I asked her if she would be willing to pay more than four times the price of this wine for the one she preferred.

The Hess is definitely more complex and crisper but also cost $18. This Salmon Creek cost just $3.99! I question the 93 point rating of the Hess Chard. and quickly ass that the Salmon Creek is a really nice wine and SUPER value! Raise a glass of either one; you’d just be able to raise many more of this bargain wine!

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