Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ca’Bianca Barolo 2000 wine review by (PB)

This wine is unexpectedly light in color (relatively speaking) for a Barolo showing some age in the color at the rim. It has a big bouquet full of plumy, bread and berry fruit with an amazing, almost floral, nose that is downright sexy and sweet. (My wife said it smelled like brown sugar to her!)

In the mouth this wine is steely, really tannic, chewy, a bit thin or just tightly wound and needs to breathe. Knowing Barolos, this wine just needs time to open up.

With just a half hour even there is an amazing transformation; this wine which was rather unremarkable, almost unpleasant due to being so tannic, turns voluptuous and wowing with layer upon layer of nice things. Chocolate, cinnamon, (brown sugar—my wife) and a mixed spice is all there at different times. The tannins? They just melt away and leave an amazingly tasting wine that is delicious with—get this (NW), a nice earthy, almost mushroomy finish with nice fruit to boot.

This was one NICE wine and I paid $28 for it at a Sam’s Club. Wine Spectator gave it a 92. It’s all that, perhaps even more. Raise a glass and revel in what good wine is supposed to be and doesn’t cost you a second mortgage. Wow!

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