Sunday, August 14, 2005

Wine and the Journey of Life (The Return of NW)

I'm back with pen in hand! Or, in this case..keyboard. My last blog entry was several months ago from Florida. Since then, I've taken on a new job, sold a house, sold a car, sold a boat, bought a house, bought a car, and moved to Massachusetts. Wow, the journey of life! All the while, though, I found time to enjoy wine, explore the world of wine, and even keep some tasting notes. These notes just haven't made it to this blog site... yet.

It's good to be writing about wine once again! Wine is a celebration of life. It connects us with people, places, stories, and memories. With my move from Florida to the Boston area this summer, I had some interesting experiences and some memorable moments. I also marked these occasions with some special wines. Allow me to bring my blog entries up to speed by re-counting some of my wine experiences over the past several months. In reviewing my wine journal entries, I've found some notes that are worth sharing because they've connected me with people, places, stories, and memories. More to come... from Massachusetts... from my journey of life. (NW)


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PB said...

(NW) is back! This calls for a celebration. I think I'll raise a glass! Welcome back!