Monday, August 22, 2005

Ridge California Geyserville 2001 (NW)

My wife and I had limited time together while I was commuting to Massachusetts. With our firstborn just a few months old, we had to schedule time well in advance in order to enjoy a nice dinner and bottle of wine. For this wine, we planned ahead.

Ridge California Geyserville 2001:

Raspberry, cherry, and chocolate on the inviting nose
Smooth wine, good structure
Some herbal notes
Moderate tannins

This wine had been sitting in my wine cooler for about a year. I really wanted to try it but kept putting it off for the right food pairing. It's not all that special or expensive, but I just never got around to drinking it. Finally, with some advanced planning as I mentioned, I popped the cork and poured. The wine paired well with the grilled meat and vegetables.

Ridge has a lot of fans. They produce a few different labels, most of which are blends based on Zinfandel. This bottling was 74% Zinfandel, 18% Carignane, and 8% Petite Syrah. Over the years, the price has crept up and it is no longer an every day way for most people including me. I spent $32 for the bottle. Raise a glass, but don't raise the prices! -NW

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