Saturday, August 20, 2005

Clos du Bois "Marlstone" 1999 (NW)

When our move from Florida to Massachusetts became official, we immediately thought of some of the friends we wanted to spend time with before packing up and heading north. Arrangements were made to meet a couple at a local restaurant halfway between our respective homes. I knew dinner would be a casual affair and they would be happy with any wine selection that I made. I thought a juicy California red would please all the palates and went with the following:

Clos du Bois "Marlstone" 1999

Berries and an earthy layer on the nose
Big, ripe up-front fruit
Still young and fresh

We paid $69 for the bottle and polished it off with our steaks. It was fruity and delicious and somewhat more interesting than our every day wines we open at home. I don't think it gets particularly high scores as critics don't like its earthy layer and refer to it as "mossy". This characteristic, to me, makes the wine more interesting. Scores and opinions aside, juicy reds like this from California seem to please a lot of palates. Raise a glass!

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Anonymous said...

There seems to be a continuous theme of "dirt" with your wines. Interesting... :)