Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sebastiani Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 (PB)

Don’t be fooled by the rather generic name of this wine. It is one of those inexpensive (relatively speaking) but wonderful wines you hunt for. The bouquet of this garnet wonder from Sonoma is graceful, fruity on the bouquet w/ a couple different layers of eucalyptus with a touch of licorice. In the mouth it is robust, with soft tannins and a very nice construction. It should only improve with a little breathing.

With some air this wine is ripe, sensual, and downright sexy. It is rich in currants, with a sweetish fragrance and a great balance. This is a GREAT value wine and would be a fine wine at 3 times the price. The Wine Spectator gave it an 89. I would push it to that “special” 90 range. It is awesome with a medium rare rib-eye hot off the grill. AHHH, life! Raise a glass—this baby is making the recommended list. You can find it for around $15!


Judith said...

Welcome to Massachusetts! I've been enjoying your thoughts for a few weeks now. I'm wondering: How acidic is the Sebastiani? My stomach doesn't tolerate much acid. I have to stick to the smoothest reds. For example: I can drink more of Rosemount Estate's Shiraz/Cabernet combo than I can their straight Shiraz.


PB said...

Hi Judith, This "PB" who lives in Maine. NW lives in Mass. It's difficult for me to answer your question for what you need is more of a quantitative answer than a qualitative one. A "smooth" red, though I know what you mean, is a bit of a misnomer. For a red that isn't "smooth" may not necessarily be from a higher concentration of acid but from an out of balance wine. In other words, the acid seems hotter (or morre acidic) because it isn't balanced out by the other qualities of the wine. So, for what it's worth, this wine is "smooth" but no guarantee of the amount of acid or lack thereof; at least not in this case. Thanks for stopping by!

PB said...
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