Thursday, August 25, 2005

Concannon Petite Syrah 2002 (PB)

This is a second review of the same wine I reviewed in March. Check it out to see the difference just a few months makes with certain wines. This wine from the Central Coast has a dark ruby hue with a solid rim on the pour. The bouquet is wowing from the bottle with a general dense, dark fruit nose. In the mouth (served too warm) there is a touch of licorice and maybe some cocoa mid palate. If this opens as well as I suspect it will,, this will be a recommended wine.

Sure enough with 45 minutes the bouquet is gorgeous and exudes fat, ripe plums. In the mouth it all comes together with a nice balance of acid and tannins and flavors. This wine is not complex; just a fine, big wine with big flavor and big aromas.

For $10, I am impressed... I recommended this wine back in March and now, not remembering that review, I recommend this wine again! That's a good review and worthy of raising a glass!

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