Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sideshow “The Contortionist” 2004 (PB)

This is the second in a line of strangely named wines with bizarre copy on the labels. In spite of their somewhat cheesy uniqueness the folks at Sideshow are putting out some interesting wines of various origins. The last one I reviewed was from Argentinian grapes and this one is from S.E. Australia. The blend of Grenache (45%) Syrah (35%) and Mourvedre (20%) is a very light red in color with a really fun cinnamony nose that smells like spiced apples at Thanksgiving time.

In the mouth it is spicy with cinnamon hints. This is just a really fun wine; it’s good with toasty crisps for an appetizer and as a warm up to whatever “real” wine you might be serving with dinner. Serve well chilled and it makes a good “amuse bouche!” I think it was around $8, actually a little pricey for the overall quality of what you get but then again it is just plain fun but I think I already said that! Raise a glass and have some–what else? Fun!

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the Sideshow folks have a website? I recently bought some of their Reisling and it was wonderful. I'd like to get more.