Sunday, August 07, 2005

Santa Alicia Merlot Reserve 2000 (PB)

This is a second review of a wine I blogged several months ago. It was such a good value I had to buy another for another time. That time is now.

This Chilean varietal is a deep, luscious garnet in the glass with solid Merlot aromas. In addition, the nose is full of blackberry and blueberry scents.

In the mouth it is a bit stern, hot and a bit austere but the flavors are firm and carry through to a definite but hard finish. I think some breathing will help.

After about 20 minutes, this inexpensive red turns deeply aromatic with loads of plummy and raisiny aromas. The harshness has really toned down and there is even a subtle but wonderful candied flavor in the finish. This wine is at its best right now so drink away.

A wine of this quality at $7.50 is another reason why Chile is one of the up and coming wine countries in the world. Raise a glass!

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