Friday, August 26, 2005

Guenoc "Langtry" 1996 (NW)

Guenoc "Langtry" 1996:

Explosive nose, full and fragrant
Layers of fruit
A nice smooth texture
No real sign of age
Moderate tannins

By mid-May, my wife and I were celebrating having our house in Florida under contract. We were scheduling friends for our final get-togethers and visiting some favorite spots. Our last trip to the local wine bar revealed some exciting tastings in several wine flights we constructed. One flight featured red Meritage wines from California and the standout was definitely the Guenoc "Langtry". It was more powerful and had more layers than the other wines. As we closed out our final visit to the wine bar, the owner poured us a second complimentary tasting. Raise a glass! Especially when it's on the house!

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