Sunday, April 03, 2005

Quick Swirl: Wallaby Creek Shiraz (PB)

light reddish
alcoholy bouquet
finish was down the drain

I just came from a friend's house where we had pizza and they served this magnum of wine with a "wallaby" on the label. Any label with an animal on it, is not a great way to start with me; just a personal hang up O.K.? Anyway, This wine (I use the term loosely)was a sick "sort of" red with alcohol and yuck as the primary bouquet. In the mouth it tastes like, well, something that orginated with the Wallaby which is a smallish kind of kangaroo. The finish was excellent--meaning I finished it by dumping my glass. No it wasn't a corked wine; it was just a poor excuse for wine and I have had more pleasure out of numerous jug wines. I don't know how much it cost but who cares? Leave this Wallaby and its creek down under!


Anonymous said...

I'm tasting this wine as we speak and I couldn't agree more. Awful. Period.

Anonymous said...

Good thing we are all different!! I tried the Chard and was pleasantly surprised the taste was great and went perfect with the chicken we served to our 10 guests (Not a complaint in the house).