Monday, April 25, 2005

Las Rocas Garnacha 2002 (PB)

Opening this Spanish Red it smells like freshly baked buns right out of the oven. There’s an earthy, musty hint in the nose with steely notes. Pepper is the first shot in the mouth with tight tannins. There is cedar underneath but this wine needs to be breathed.

With a half an hour of air time it opens to shed cherries and currants with a light fruitiness that begs to be quaffed more than savored. The structure of this wine is really well done though the finish is a tad short, it is nice.

I am told Robert Parker gave this wine a 91...that’s a bit overblown in my humble estimation. At $11 it is a good value but I would put it somewhere closer to 86. So who are going to believe? Mr. Nobody at or Mr. Wine himself??? The importance in wine tasting isn’t who is “right” as much as who better reflects your taste preferences? As an end note, this wine could use a couple hours of breathing before you enjoy it. Now go raise a glass.

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