Sunday, April 03, 2005

Essensia 2003 Orange Muscat Dessert Wine (PB)

At the risk of sounding like “Billy” I am compelled to call this a sensual wine. There is just so much going on with textures, flavors and aromas “sensual” seems appropriate-- meaning appealing to or stimulating the senses. On opening there is lilac and orange blossom aromas all over the place. The color is an orange twinged golden with crystalline clarity. In the mouth there is just a bit of a lack of acid but not enough to detract from the overall pleasure and balance of this perfumey dessert wine. Flavors of caramel and fruit carry into the finish which doesn’t quit.

Now here’s the kicker; this wine sells for $11. There is no way a first growth Sauternes can compete with this dollar for dollar. No it’s not a Sauternes and no it’s not a first growth and no it doesn’t quite have the depth of the former but...neither does it have the price tag! This is a must find; put a decent chill on it, but don’t kill it. Then, raise a glass!

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