Friday, April 01, 2005

A Blast of Flavor (boone)

Wow, I can't believe it. Now I've never seen this rated in the Wine Spectator or even in the Wine Enthusiast but that is clearly an oversight on their part and one of the reasons why The Wine Cask is committed to ground-breaking and paradigm shaking reviews.

So here you go:
Country Kwencher ($2.09)
Year: Non-Vintage
Winery Name: Boone's Farm
Varietal: Other
Designation: Country Kwencher and other varieties
Country: USA
State or Region: n/a
County or Appellation: n/a
Price: 2.50 (list)

There really is not anywhere you can go that this wine won't be available. If you can fine a Kwick-Mart or Circle-K you can be sure that you'll be enjoying a nip off this delight - in most cases, you don't even need to (want to?) remove it from the brown bag it comes in.

The Boone's Farm Country Kwencher is a pioneer in the screw-cap vs traditional cork bottle closings and have a product that prooves the screw cap can keep in the liquid.

And for under $3 dollars a bottle who can argue? You can get Three or Four TIMES as much of this treat as you can for a single bottle of (PB)'s recommended Chateau Du Donjon Grande Tradition 2003.

So Raise A BAG!


Anonymous said...

Country Kwencher from Kwik Mart is Klassy with a capital K!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the wine of which Robert Barker wrote, "A Krazy, April foolish kind of wine that will set a new standard for bored-dough..."

Anonymous said...

I live in Chicago and I'm not much on drink the HARD stuff! A friend of mine had a Boone's Farm Party! All Flavors! Country Kwencher was the BEST! Now it's REAL hard to find in the Chicagoland area! (WHY)? I was told they don't make that flavor anymore! Is that TRUE?