Sunday, April 03, 2005

Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc 2003 (PB)

This New Zealand creation is golden with a bouquet of kiwi fruit and pineapple. In the mouth it is dry with a buttery cream texture and flavors. This is definitely NOT a California or Washington state S. Blanc! It has lingering finish of pineapple, is tart with a touch of bitters. After a few minutes another layer emerges of “oh my gosh, shut up," classic Sauvignon Blanc grassiness. My wife was nuts about this wine suggesting I buy more.

I wasn’t as wild about it; not because it isn’t a truly well made wine and a text book S. Blanc out of New Zealand, it’s just a matter of taste preference. It actually paired well with bruschetta and a classy meal of pork and macaroni and cheese. I would buy this again both for my wife and the simple pleasure of a well made, varietal that you can actually differentiate from a Chardonnay; not always easy these days with all the wild and weird creations called Chardonnay. Because I believe it is readily available, and because it is such a good example of the grape, I have to recommend this. At $9.50, you can raise a glass or two.

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