Sunday, April 10, 2005

Quick Swirl: Domaine du Tariquet Gros Manseng 2002 (billy)

What an interesting wine. What strikes me most and most quickly about this French white is that it's “like Champagne, without the bubbles”

In the glass the color is fascinating. I've never seen it's like in my short time as a wine student. It is a deep marigold yellow. Not washed out at all, but deeply yellow, bordering on orange. Fascinating.

On the nose: I've got to say, it smells like a Brut Champagne. It is crisp like green unripe pears with citrusy oranges (not too much of them) and quite a jammy green grape.

On the Palate: simple, (some would say elegant) not too complex but flavorful. It is a complimentary wine – goes as well with marinated portabello caps and french-cut green beans as it does with Willy Wonka Bottle caps and jelly beans.

Finish: apple peel and citrus and the desire for another glass – not because it is incredibly interesting from a flavor profile, but because it is so fun to drink.

This is a sweet wine, dryer than some but fit for a dessert accompaniment as well as an aperitif as well as with the main course. I paid $12.99 for this – a bit much considering there is a lot out there for the same or less that is of a higher quality but not as flexible.

If you see a deal on this wine, go ahead and grab it – it's worth it just to see the wine pour that brilliant yellow-orange. Accept it as a gift and know that you can drink it – now. But don't bother searching it out.

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