Tuesday, February 28, 2023

NDP "Red Blend" 2021


Pours with a bold, dark purple hue right to the rim, with aromas of musty sweet red berry with a candied nuance.

Palate--unremarkable first impression structurally but pleasant fruit, of a gentle nature, a mellow foundation, and finishes quickly.

Having never heard of this wine and the label being of little help, I cannot find anything out about this wine on the internet. I am curious who makes it, what grapes are used and where in France it hails from. Strange!

I paid $7 for this TRader Joe's offering and perhaps it is made exclusively for them, I don't know.  At any rate it is unremarkable, underwhelming, and yet drinkable.  At $7--and not a penny more--it's okay.

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