Saturday, February 18, 2023

Cline "Ancient Vines" Zinfandel 2021 (Lodi)

Lighter hued, thinner looking garnet with Cherry/strawberry above the rim and deep[er in the bowl really nice deeper darker spicy berry fruit.

Palate--Impressive beginning with integrated berry goodness, lovely structure, balanced fruit, acid, tannins, which all come together harmoniously with nothing but Zinfandel goodness throughout. Finish lingers a good bit and presses your senses to go back for another mouthful. 

This was on sale at Trader Joe's for $10 which is $4-$5 less than usual. It is the best Cone Zin I have had in a few years and I will we pairing it with one of our favorite dishes called a French onion tart. (Think "pizza dough with a sour cream and cottage cheese mixture mixed in with thinly sliced whole onion, then spread over a pizza dough and covered--COVERED--with bacon...) It is pure happiness so raise a glass!

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