Thursday, June 02, 2022

Robert Mondavi Merlot (Private Selection) 2019

Purple with garnet twinge and aromas of confused fruit, subdued spices trying to find a place and sweet cherry bonbons

Palate--Sweet first impression, with potable cherry berry flavors and a quick, unremarkable finish.

This California sourced "Merlot" is a good example of what happens when you depart from your passion and gifting and pursue the monetary necessities to survive as a wine company in the day of gigantic conglomerates buying up the independent wineries.

The late Robert Mondavi was an icon and patriarch of California wine making putting California on to the world stage. Family infighting, and selling out for mundane table wines is what average America tends to drink muting the artistry of the founder's wines.  I miss the perfectionism of Mr. Mondavi and on a totally coincidental visit to Napa Valley one year, I had the fantastic joy of beholding Robert Mondavi in his vineyard celebrating his 83rd birthday. Talk about the luck of the draw.  At any rate, do not judge Mondavi wines on the basis of their production line plonk. Spend a few more bucks and drink to the memory of the Patron Saint of Napa Valley.

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