Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Giacondi "Vino D'italia" (NV)

Smoky garnet with bricking at the rim. Aromas of very slight cherry with almost no bouquet. This is a geriatric wine heading for the grave!

Palate--In the mouth it is a touch sour with rustic flavors of burnt cherry and some lively hints of bright fruit. It is drinkable but you must have pretty low standards.  :) 

I bought this several years ago because it was a large format and it was really CHEAP. I decided to open it and see if it might work for a sangria. By the way, (NV) means it is a non-vintage wine meaning it was made from a hodge-podge of juice from anywhere in Italy. To be honest, this is the kind of wine that could be served at your local--especially touristy--area of Italy at a casual restaurant. The best quality wine is generally exported to world markets.

I don't know how much I paid for this but I know it was probably around $10 for a magnum (1.5L) I did not expect it to be drinkable so that is the up side. It just may be ok as a base for Sangria so we shall see.

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