Sunday, June 19, 2022

Robert Dubuisson Beaujolais-Villages 2018

Classic light strawberry hued wine with aromas of nuanced sweet raspberry juice, with a touch of strawberry and light baking spices with a hint of cinnamon.

Palate-- Classic Gamay profile with surprisingly bold acidic foundation and a quick finish that is clean and crisp.

What's the difference between Beaujolais, Beaujolais Villages and Beaujolais Cru? 

Outside of price, the quality scale begins at Beaujolais--the French wine region growing Gamay grapes; then increases in both quality and price as you move to "Villages" which means the grapes were selected from a more narrow region, and climaxes with "Cru" which are harvests from 1 of ten specified regions within Beaujolais from which the grapes are selected each with there own unique flavor profile.

In a class all by itself is Beaujolais Nouveau which is again the Gamay grape but the wines are made to be released on the 3rd Wednesday of November all over the world. They are simple, straight forward, lovely guzzling kind of wines which enjoy an accompanying celebration in France on that Wednesday of release. In America they tend to run around $10-12. They are fruity, easy to drink and are made to be drunk within 12 months of release! Put it on your calendar and look for that day of release in your local wine retailer!

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