Friday, June 10, 2022

Castle Rock Merlot (Paso Robles) 2018

A big fruity bouquet with loads of cherry, and red berries, vanilla cream bon bons, Chinese five spice

Palate--Rich mouth filling flavors, velvety mouth feel, lovely structure, juicy cherry/berry flavors, a subtle touch of wood.

Found this on sale for $8.50 so I grabbed it as Castle Rock is one of the emerging wineries joining some of my perennial faves going back 40 years. One of those wineries is Sebastiani who just makes solid wines regardless of what they are about.  Castle Rock is impressing more and more every year as they produce consumer friendly wines that don't require a home equity loan. With the absurd economy brought on by absurd politicians, tanking daily, it is great to find a reliable maker who just makes good, affordable wine.  

Well done Castle Rock--RAISE A GLASS!

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