Saturday, January 04, 2014

Man Vinters Chenin Blanc 2011 wine review by (PB)

Gentle pale gold with bouquet of powdery tropical fruit with a touch of vanilla.

Palate--Mouth filling tropical fruit compote with racy acidity,and a lively finish that makes your mouth "zing!"

Chenin Blanc (which is a grape not a cheap white wine) is the signature grape of the lively Vouvrays of France. This one however comes from S. Africa where Chenin Blanc (known locally as "Steen")has been one the South Africa's consistent wines over the years. It is usually quite inexpensive (I paid less then $8 for this one) and they are generally super value wines as is this one. Chill it slightly and then enjoy it by itself or with food. I will pair this tonight with what we call "Country Scramble" which is grits, over the top of homemade biscuits, topped with fried ham, gravy from the drippings, and fried or scrambled eggs as you prefer. It is superior comfort food especially with the sub-zero temps we have been enduring here in Maine and the Chenin blanc with this acidity, will cut right through the creamy, buttery grits without killing the gentle tastes of the dish.

Whatever you do with this wine, enjoy it, it's a nice one and raise a glass!

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