Saturday, January 25, 2014

Guenoc (California) Petite Syrah 2010 wine review by (PB)

Garnet to black cherry hue on the lighter side for this grape;

Bouquet--spice rises over the blackberry and plum on the swirl but comes around with warming and air.

Palate--Thin texture, with numerous but confused tastes happening out of the gate; *will breathe it a bit also letting it warm up from my seasonal ambient cellar temp (56 currently)

Having done so, it does improve from what it was at the start with some nice *plummy, blackberry and black tea salvaging what it was on first impression.

It's still not a great example of what this grape can be and usually is even at this price point but it's not bad. I think I paid around $14 for this and I wouldn't do it again.

The reason I write reviews like this occasionally stating that I am going to re-review the wine later sometimes, is precisely so you can learn to better taste wines for yourself. This wine was going to be panned initially but allowing it to come around served it well. Sometimes first impressions can be deceiving with wine so be patient, and give it another chance later in the evening or even the next day. Sometimes there is a whole different wine waiting for you if you do! Raise a glass.

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