Friday, August 17, 2007

Sandeman Tawny Oporto NV wine review by (PB)

It has been sometime since I have had a port so I grabbed and inexpensive one from a well known and old producer--Sandeman, one of the great port houses of the world. I should have paid more. this port is actually a light ruby in color with an awkward bouquet of fruity raisins and a nuttiness. The palate is hot, thin and there is more alcohol than flavor initially but nuts and raisins are trying to escape the clutches of ethanol imbalance.

This wine does open though and its "okay." This is not a wine to buy if you aren't familiar with ports and you are expecting this to be representative. I paid $12 for it and should have gone a few dollars more. You can some nice porto fro under $20. I'd pass on this one but if you know what you're drinking, well, what the heck--it meets a need. Raise a glass--or not.

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