Thursday, August 23, 2007

Quivira 2004 Zinfandel Wine Review by Billy

Nose: Classic zin nose of earthy cherry, tobacco and cracked pepper spice

Palate: on opening this is overbalanced and over acidic tending toward a bitter astringency.
Finish; meh. smoother than the palate feel would suggest. Eating olives (like I did while reviewing this wine) cuts the bitterness a bit

Overall I do not care for this wine. I shared a bottle with the fetching Mrs. Billy at a local restaurant (where I paid $40 for the bottle). After taking the remaining 1/2 bottle home and trying it the next day, the bitterness was still pronounced and the nose (the best part of the wine) had dulled.

The green-astringency and pronounced bitterness that hid the berry flavors and smoothness suggests that too many young grapes went into the creation of this wine. It is possible that the bottle would mellow and characterize with some cellaring but I would have hoped that it would be ready by now.

Others have enjoyed this wine (or at least the vineyard) more than I but Raise a Glass anyway!

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