Friday, April 06, 2007

WBW #32 Coming UP!

Hey Gang!
Remember that this coming Wednesday, April 11 is when The Wine Cask Blog will be hosting Wine Blogging Wednesday #32. Reviews will be posted/hosted starting on Wednesday April 11, 2007 for any early birds. And the reviews are starting to come in. Please get your reviews to us as early as possible so posting can begin on April 11. (send URLs of your reviews to serona -at- gmail -dot- com and include a subject of WBW 32)

Don't forget our theme:
SHOWDOWN: Regular vs Reserve

It's up to YOU to determine if the "reserves" are really that much better. So get two bottles, same vineyard/winery same vintage but have one be the "regular" version and have one be the "reserve" label (different "levels" of the wine are fine as many "reserves" are not actually labeled as such). Compare them. What makes the reserve wine better? Is it really worth it?

Don't go overboard on pricing as some reserves can get spendy. The Wine Cask Blog is about accessibility to the world of wine and part of accessibility is price. You could even pair up with another wine blogger and one of you do the regular and the other do the reserve.

Reviews should include:
The wines reviewed (name, region, vintage)
Characteristics of the wines
An opinion of which was "better" based on whatever criteria you want

We will have a synopsis of the reviews and links to your blog posted starting Wednesday April 11.

Raise A Glass!

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