Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Is a "Reserve" Wine Worth the Difference? by (PB) for WBW

This is the topic for wine blogging Wednesday hosted by this time around by we here at the Wine Cask Blog!

I selected two chianti's from the famous makers at Banfi.

The first: Banfi Chianti Classico 2003 price $11
The second: Banfi Chianti Classico 2003 "Reserva" price $15

The wines were tasted blind side by side. I first graded each one for color and selected the one I preferred. then evaluated the bouquet and nose again choosing the one I preferred and finally reviewed their taste and finish choosing the one I preferred and then with those categories in view, selected the one I preferred.

Note--I was not trying to guess which one was the reserve and which one wasn't. I wanted to see first and foremost which one I liked better and then decide no matter how that fell out, if the price difference for the reserve was worth it.

The results:
Hue: I thought the color of these two wines was virtually indistinguishable and was careful to have my wife make an even pour to judge accurately. (no preference obviously)
Bouquet: one had a tart raspberry note with medium fruit and classic Sangiovese aromas. the other had medium fruit with light pepper note and was a tad deeper underneath.
Taste: one was tart with a nice balance and a slight touch of licorice and a slight peppery note. I said it was an all around decent wine but nothing remarkable.
The second wine was not as acidic though unremarkable in most ways even if well made.
Bottom line was I liked the less expensive non reserve wine by a fraction!

My wife then participated and she chose the reserve believing it to be more complex. (Honestly--she tends to have a more sensitive taster than me)

In my estimation, yes the reserve wine was a tad more complex but remember the axiom of drinking wine? YOU like what YOU like. so in this case, I get off $4 cheaper and in my estimation, the extra cost was not worth it. At any rate, raise a glass to wine blogging Wednesday and thanks to all who are participating!

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