Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pio Cesare Barolo 2001 Wine Review (NW)

Tasting notes:

Richly fragrant nose of sweet cherry, plum, and spices
Tight core of fruit and tobacco
Elegant finish, tapering with moderate tannins

A crime was committed when we opened this bottle! It's far too young to drink. After two hours or so, it never really did open up to its full potential. I felt like I could tell it has the right stuff, but it never blossomed.

A couple of Barolo characteristics were still enjoyable. It impressed the guest- and as this was a business dinner on an expense account- that is often part of the formula. Also, Barolo has amazing texture- a thick, plush texture that coats the mouth. This wine delivered on that!

Other than those two qualities, it was criminal to drink. But drink we did! And at no small price at $98 per bottle in a restaurant. Wait ten years, then raise a glass!


Anonymous said...

You should be arrested!

pierosalvatore said...

Is true. Barolo Pio Cesare is a strong and stunning wine...but you must wait a lot of times. I tasted one of 1997 harvest and was...a nice and pleasant tasting trip. Buona Salute a Tutti!!! Pierluigi Salvatore

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