Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Mariners Bay 2004 Pinot Noir (Wine review) by (PB)

This New Zealand screw cap finished wine is my very first experience with a New Zealand red. NZ is distinguishing themselves as a superior Sauvignon Blanc producer but has a long way to go re: red wines. But this wine is a pretty blush red typical of Pinot Noir and on the the swirl the aromas of this wine are classic Pinot Noir. Impressive!

In the mouth though, this wine is thin and acidic, puckeringly so. Flavors are shallow but the little that is there is again, Pinot flavors. Finishes with a touch of smoke. This was an inexpensive wine–$10–which I grabbed for a review of a NZ red. I chose it totally blind, not because I read something about it or anything else.

In short, I love the bouquet, but the in mouth experience is woefully deficient. Raise a glass but make it a wonderful New Zealand white!

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