Friday, May 21, 2010

Maryhill Winery 2006 Sangiovese Sponsored Wine Review by Billy

Nose:Heady plum, spicy cloves and dry loam
Palate:Spicy and warm. Lighter body than the nose would suggest. Vanilla notes come forward.
Finish: warm and lingering with some heat and "spikiness" that slightly detracts from an otherwise delightful wine.
Overall: This wine was sent to The Wine Cask Blog by Maryhill Winery for free in exchange for a review. This is a heavier Sangiovese wine that is packed full of flavors and character. With very nice spice and plum smells the mouth feel is quite nice. The spikiness at the back may come from tightness that will open up and relax as the wine continues to breathe. It shows mature and even slightly older in the glass than I would have expected.

After about an hour of breathing the spikiness at the back of the finish has given way to delicious violets and vanilla notes. Delightful.

A very nice Sangiovese from the Columbia River Valley in Washington state.

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