Thursday, July 02, 2009

Umathum St. Laurent 2004 wine review by (PB)

This was another of the Austrian wines (Billy) of this blog, brought back from his trip. This one is a red and St.Laurent is the name of the grape. In the glass the hue looks like it should be a Syrah, deep and intense. The nose reminds me of a Malbec with heavy , dark aromas of berry fruit and sweet dill notes.

Palate--well balanced, bready, a bit "hot" with a sweet impression and more berries. Soft tannins round out this rather tasty wine even if finishing rather abruptly. I believe this wine is a bit pricey-- in the $30-$50 range. For the price, I'm not sure I would make the splurge again but it wasn't my dime and it was a "new" grape for me so raise a glass!

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