Friday, July 31, 2009

2007 Orin Swift Cellars "The Prisoner" Napa Red wine review by Billy

Nose: Big jammy blackberry and bread, cedar spice upon opening. After time and decanting, warm cracked black pepper and cedar of the Syrah in the blend comes on strong. With even more time, delicate strawberry and blueberry scents tease.
Palate: Beautifully soft and supple on the palate with delicate acid/tannin balance and peppery warmth of spice throughout at the back of the palate.

Finish: Delightfully spry and tannic at the back, though sliding silkenly from delicate softness to the back with tannins that linger.

Overall: I paid $35 for this bottle. This is a teasing blend of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petit Syrah, charbono, and Grenache. Wonderful layers keep on emerging and teasing the nose and palate of this wine. A mishmash of berry and spice and woody flavors that is really quite wonderfully constructed and smooth. This will mature and calm as it settles and blends over 5 years or more.


Wine Club Guy said...

Thanks for the review. Glad to see a $30+ bottle come through. Most of the reviews that I've seen in that price range have been horrible lately.

Box Wine Reviews said...

good looking out bro. I got that one on my list for when I get out of boot camp and can spend some bills! keep up the good reviewing!

Miss Cupcake said...

This is my favorite wine. I'm in love with how it smells and want them to make a candle out of it. Just love everything about The Prisoner!!