Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Ranschbacher Konigsgarten 1976 Beerenauslese Eiswein wine review by (PB)

This rare treat was only fitting to be opened made from the vintage 200 years after the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed. We had no idea what to expect except that it could very easily still be vibrant as this is precisely the kind of white wine made for aging. What did it reveal 33 years after it was made?

The color on the anxious pour was a remarkable amber hue that looked like it was fitting for a gem stone set as a pendant.

The bouquet was honeyed with stewed fruit with dill and orange rind aromas that were amazing.

Palate--Elegant rich and velvety thick and marvelous. Flavors of stewed peaches with caramel notes and perfectly balanced between luscious sweetness and solid acid.

This wine came from the basement of my mother-in-law who bought it on release after a trip to Germany. No label was available on line that I could find nor could I reference a price. Suffice it to say, this is a wine to remember! Raise a glass to Ed and Mary...

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