Monday, July 27, 2009

Terlan Gewurztraminer 2004 wine review by (PB)

(NW) served this to me "blind" which is great way to improve your wine tasting skills as well as embarrass yourself. I took one whiff of this big peach/apricot aromatic wine and blurted confidently--"It's a Gewurztraminer and NOT domestic; possibly Alsatian or German." (NW) sat stoically not giving any hints of whether I was hot or cold. But then, equivocating, I said, "But it could also be a Riesling from the same countries.

Palate--tasting it I said, "Okay, it doesn't quite have the signature Gewurztraminer spiciness so it must be a Riesling." (My teachers throughout school always told me to stick with my first impression because invariably I would often change a right answer to a wrong answer.)

(NW) unveiled the bottle and it was in fact a Gewurztraminer--NOT--domestic but was from the Alto Adige of Italy! I didn't even know they grew Gewurz. in Italy... This was a gem.

Off dry, nearly floral, with light stone fruit nuances, a solid acidic back bone and a flowery, fruity finish. I believe (NW) found this on sale for $15 and when you know your grapes, and your regionjs, it pays to experiment now and again. This won't be the last Italian Gewurz. I have so raise a glass!

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