Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Chateau De Pommard 2000 wine review by (PB)

On opening the sight was not pretty. *Bricking at this young age for a Burgundy was tell tale of bad storage or a bad cork or both.

On the nose the wine had a gentle spice core with gentle cherry and licorice emerging.

Palate--Cherry and spice up front with minerals, bread, and more minerals on the finish. The wine was austere but I suspect this was a result of its oxidation. It was still very drinkable but quite ordinary when this wine should have been fairly impressive. Not a good representation of the wine.

(*Bricking is the appearance of the wine taking the color of bricks which is due to oxidation. Bricking by itself does not necessarily mean the wine is "bad" but it does mean the wine MAY be bad as it has aged. For this particular wine to show such "age" was not appropriate. As it turned out, (Billy) of this blog who supplied the wine paid $28 which was half price of what it sold at. This may be why it was being dumped for half off.)

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