Monday, March 24, 2008

Vignamaggio Castell di Monna Lisa Rserva 1999 wine review by (PB)

This Tuscan "special wine" was opened by friends of (NW's) and ours at a recent festival of Timbalo celebrating the resurrection of our Lord. Since we have all bedded down at this celebrated birth place of Monna Lisa in the heart of Tuscany, breaking out this personally imported treat was awesome. The majesty of wine is more than just what comes out of the bottle but what the bottle of wine creates or recreates in the soul of the imbiber. This bottle brought back memories of Italy, wowing dinners, centuries old cathedrals, masterpieces in art and sights found usually only in a book now etched in the experience of the memories of the real thing.

The wine has peaked with bricking throughout right to the rim. The bouquet is nuanced with slight touches of plum with vegetal notes and hints of wood.

The palate reveals sour cherry with pomegranate notes. The foundation is made in the sweeter style, is fully integrated, balanced, and uncomplicated in this late stage of its life.

But the best part of this wine was the willingness of friends to share a cherished bottle that once opened is gone. But the lingering finish of great times remains. Thanks R's! Raise a glass!

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Mark V Marino said...

sounds wonderful now to find it!