Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Chateau Guiteronde 1984 wine review by (PB)

Boston wine hunt this past Summer with (NW) found this 24 year old Sauternes for $30. First thought is, "Why is this wine only $30?" Second thought is, "What the heck--for $30, no matter what happens, it will be an education." Now how can you put a price tag on education? Okay, I'm trying to make myself feel better...

Before opening this with a bunch of friends at a special dinner (see the post blogged below) I did some research and found that 1984 was about the worst year in Sauternes in my lifetime. That's not a good sign but then again, this particular Chateau did declare it a "vintage" so perhaps, possibly, maybe, in the world of miracles, this might still be drinkable. The color of the wine in the bottle was pretty good so...

I eased the fragile cork out of the neck but the bottom 5th of the cork stayed behind while the rest of the cork basically disintegrated.

I pushed the remaining cork into the bottle (a personal defeat and blow to my cork pulling pride) and took the first pour and small whiff. I tried to keep a poker face but I couldn't help screwing up my nose as toluene (airplane glue) aromas hit my nose. No need to go any further but this was education now.

On the palate it was sweet with an obscene and offensive taste that is hard to describe. Time to throw in the towel and declare it spoiled and undrinkable--you think???

But here is the marvel of wine--(NW) announced the wine before we ate dinner so the anticipation of "what might be" was prevalent. It's kind of like why some people play the lottery; the odds are absurdly against you winning and yet there is that remote possibility and that makes it worthwhile.

The wine was a bomb but for $30, it was cheap entertainment and an enhancer of conviviality to boot! Raise a glass to the explorations of the world of wine!

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