Wednesday, March 12, 2008

David Bruce Pinot Noir 2005 wine review by (PB)

Visiting (NW's) we made our typical wine hunt trip to a wine store and he immediately grabbed this Russian River Pinot Noir. He made some commendatory comment about it and said something like, "Once you've had good Pinot Noir, there's nothing like it." I haven't had any good Pinot Noirs because I couldn't afford them. I had my wife pick one up on a visit out of state asking her to buy whatever the store recommended to her in the $40 range. She came home with some fairly well known Burgundy and it was awful. So I was looking forward to a Pinot which already had been established as superior.

This wine is garnet to the rim with a bouquet of unmistakable strawberry and menthol or spruce with milk chocolate notes. In the mouth it was absolutely silky with fruity layers and eucalyptus finishing with lovely elegant strawberry flavors lingering.

My description doesn't do this wine justice. It was positively spoiling and ruining my palate for the inexpensive Pinot's I am used to. Oh well; I'll survive. Raise a glass and splurge sometime on a "good" Pinot!


NH Mind said...

Just came across your blog and have enjoyed your reviews. Had my first David Bruce Pinot (Sonoma) about 5 years ago and when it comes to Pinot, rarely will have anything else (given the price point, I don't drink Pinot that often). I don't recall if I've had the Russian River, but I"m going to try it, next time I splurge on a bottle (perhaps tonight, why wait?).

adamneary said...

Agreed, man. Absolutely spoiling Pinot. I wrong wrote a review of the 2004, and I borrowed your quote. Hope that's alright--I cited you!

Happy drinking,
Adam Neary (

altergroup said...

Liquid gold. This is my standard for Pinot Noirs. I've had many wine connoisseurs try to steer me away from this towards more expensive bottle but nothing comes close for me.